Poem of the Day


Sunshine in the lounge room


You are my sunshine


The player piano

gave me the words

there on the roll


My only sunshine


I pushed the pedals

and sang at the top

of my voice


You make me happy


And I was happy

there in the lounge room

with no sunshine at all


When skies are grey


skies might have been blue

or grey with rain

But the piano played for me


Please don’t take my sunshine away


Virginia Lowe
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #15

Virginia said: I can’t hear the word without (mentally) singing the song, which I learned in childhood, just as the poem says.

Poem of the Day




Swaddle me in sunshine

sang the fairy child.

Weave me into forest,

tell me you have smiled.


Dance me tales of blossoms.

Look carefully for my signs.

Swaddle me in sunshine,

Now climb the magic vines.


Breathe me into spring time.

Search for the unseen.

Swaddle me in sunshine.

Cover trees in green


Swaddle me in sunshine,

when winter’s on her way.

Find for me some shelter

to keep the cold at bay.

June Perkins
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #15

June said: Today the muse visited – with that sunshine topic. Perhaps it was the approach of winter and a memory of my mum trying to convince me that fairies exist.


Poem of the Day

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It’s a zip line from the sky,

A flying fox of joy,

A slippery dip of shiny warmth

For every girl and boy.


Swing out to touch the sunbeams,

Spin ’round to chase the light.

Run and duck and climb and jump

To catch the sun’s delight.


Penny Szentkuti
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #15

Penny said: I am heavily influenced by the weather. Sunshiny days are the best medicine. As soon as I thought about my audience – children – this poem just flowed joyfully out.


Poem of the Day



(after Charles Causley)

I am the song that lifts the sky

I am the earth that flames the fire

I am the cloud that calls the flood

I am the stream that draws the sun

I am the tide that drinks the moon

I am the air that sings the leaf

I am the bird that stirs the branch

I am the tale that flies the word

I am the note that spreads the song


Katherine Gallagher
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #47


Katherine said: Charles Causley, the Cornish poet, was  a wonderful children’s poet. His poem (that inspired my poem) is full of music.