Poem of the Day



If a rosebud could talk,

Would it hum like the bees?

Or would the petals soft whisper, be lost to the breeze.


If a seashell could talk,

Would it crash like a wave?

Telling off all the mermaids, who didn’t behave.


If a feather could talk,

Would it sing through the night?

Calling out to the bird, who had lost it in flight.


If I could talk to them all

Then so quiet I’d stay,

For if we would just listen, imagine what they might say.

Sioban Timmer
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20


Sioban says: When I looked at this prompt I originally pondered the connection to each other – nature. Then, what do these things symbolise? What do they ‘say to me’? Then I thought what would they SAY to me and that led to this.