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The Back of Beyond


“We’re going on a holiday.

We’re packing bags and GOING AWAY!

‘Away from it all’ in a camper-van.”

That’s how Dad announced his plan.


“Away from it all! Far out!” I said.

But Dad just grinned and raised his head

and muttered “Yes! exactly so.

The Back of Beyond is where we’ll go.”


“How long does it take to get to Beyond?”

I asked, but when he didn’t respond

I asked if there’d be other stops

along the way. Would there be shops


to buy some food? And would there be

interesting things to do and see?

“Away from it all!” How could Dad

think that was fun? Had he gone mad?


‘Beyond’ was not on any map.

Was this plan some kind of trap?

I told him: “Dad, I want to know

About this trip, or I won’t go.”


He promised lots to see and do:

A locust plague in Bugaboo

Kangaroo pies in Pinnaroo

Dingoes howling in Orrorooooooooooo….


DAD! What are you trying to do?

Names like that just can’t be true—

You’ve made them up, haven’t you.

I’m staying here in Woolloomooloo!


© Kate O’Neil   http://www.kateoneil.com.au


The above poem was placed second in the 2011 Toolangi CJ Dennis competition

Poem of the Day




With the eye in the back of his head

he sees them coming —


eight-year-old breakers,

baby-hard, baby-soft.


Their space-machine, so elegant

could swallow him,


drown him once and for all

in a dish of air.


No use trying to rewrite the law:

they are the masters —


skills bred in the bone.

He freezes —


they expect it,

though a voice inside him squeaks


I … Words cut his tongue,

weigh in his mind like a bruise.

© Katherine Gallagher

(Published in Them and Us (The Bodley Head, 1993) and Ramshackle Rainbow (Macmillan Children’s books, 2001)

Katherine Gallagher is a widely-published Australian poet resident in London. She writes for children and adults and has poems in many children’s anthologies. About Bullies, she says, ‘I wrote this poem in response to bullying that I witnessed in a local primary school. Bullying is tragic and a big social problem; children become increasingly insecure and afraid. Sadly, they often don’t tell anyone, even parents and teachers, and this misery can affect them for the rest of their lives’. 

Poem of the Day




by Edel Wignell


One day the numerals were playing in the park;

They all seemed friendly, the game was a lark.

But six was scared, kept glancing around –

Ready to dash away with a bound.

The leader called them to stand in a row,

But six hung back, refusing to go.

‘I’m scared of seven at the top of the line.’

So why was six scared? Because seven ate nine.

© The Australian Society of Authors


Poem of the Day


Blue Cheese and Honey


There lived a horse who liked blue cheese

Served on a plate upon his knees

And every day the meal he ate

was cheese he ‘d placed upon his plate.


While out one day he found some honey

and poured it all – so sweet and runny-

upon the cheese upon the plate

set on his knees and so he ate

But the honey he had taken

Could have been a BIG mistake!


Bees flying in a frenzied state

Made a beeline for his plate

The horse ran off and left the honey –

upon the cheese – all sweet and runny


Thousands landed on his cheese

consuming honey as they pleased

Till gorging on and sated soon

they droned off in the afternoon


The horse returned and placed the plate

upon his knees and he was pleased

to realise-at least the bees

had left his Blue Cheese – which he ate.!


So if you choose to eat blue cheese

served on a plate upon your knees

avoid the thought of honey dressing.

Blue cheese – alone -is quite impressing!


© 2013 Jill Carter-Hansen, jill@visionaryimages.com.au

MOBILE  0412 181101  

WEB   www.scbwi.org/Memberprofile.aspx?u=2971391104689993




Poetry Reading Opportunity

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I am trying to find someone to work with to present poetry to children at Book Expo Australia. I have 6 breakout event rooms and 2 performance areas on the Expo Floor and while I have many willing present adult poetry I am finding it harder to find committed poets for children. Please have a look at our website at www.bookexpoaustralia.com or phone me 0412 290 759 if you think you can work with me on this.
thanks Sandra Wigzell | 0412 290 759

Weekly updates

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Here are this week’s updates.



Top children’s poetry books

US Children’s Poetry Laureate, Kenn Nesbitt picks what he considers is the best children’s poetry books. Please click on the link for further information.



Poets A-Z

Two bios have been added to our growing list of talented Australian poets.

Lilith Norman



Gordon Winch



All listed poets can be viewed here or via the drop down menu (Poets A-Z).


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Di  Bates

Poem of the Day


At the Park


Great sticks in hand

we marched along

in lines as straight as roads

heading to the forest

where trees stand tall in rows


A sudden halt

I ground my stick

look back way o’er my shoulder

he follows,  s l o w

stick trailing now

behind my little brother


Come on!” I cry

to speed him up

one last green stretch to cover

not knowing what the forest holds

it’s best we stayed together


He caught up fast

stick raised up now

and pointed like a sword

quietly we crept along

eyes peeled as we moved forward










We stop again

feet poised and still

and listen to the breeze

it brings the sounds of something

that lives within these trees


We feel it getting closer

hot breath and heavy steps

sniffing those who trespass


then he leapt!


The fury of the dragon

was felt in flames of red

firing from his toothy mouth

smoke swirling round his head


We squeal as terror finds us

deep in this tree-lined forest

swords waving ‘round

as high-pitched cries

and beating wings surround us


Running hard

we stumble t’wards

the lit end of the path

an exit from the danger

a dragon’s angry wrath


Feet flying now

we cross the grass

and flop onto the mat

relieved, and breathing hard

we laugh … should we go back?


© Kristina Hoy


About the poet

Previously a full-time high school Science teacher, I now spend most of my time with my two young children. My poems are usually based on nature, written with the intent to encourage kids to explore, learn and connect with the outside world.


Contact Details:







Articles about Children’s Poetry


There are some wonderful articles about different aspects of children’s poetry by writers and poets such as Michael Rose, Jack Prelutsky and Maya Angelou on this site: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/children/articles

Some of the articles are as follows:

Nurseries of Verse The only way to grow poetry is to make it a habit. By J. Patrick Lewis

Mary Ann Hoberman: 2008 Children’s Poet Laureate Whether writing about llamas in pajamas or befuddled fauna, her poems are always about the puzzlement of language. By Michael Atkinson

Home Appreciation Homeschoolers are turning a million kids on to poetry—through fun, not homework. Here’s how you can do it too. By Susan Thomsen

Snip, Snip! A talk with the children’s laureate of Britain. Michael Rosen interviewed by Bruce Black

More than Mother Goose Poems for the kids in your life by Julie Danielson and Eisha Prather

Lunchbox Poems Bologna sandwich, apple juice, and a little rhyming wisdom by Julie Danielson and Eisha Prather

An Xceptional and Xuberant Poet Jack Prelutsky on the poems of X.J. Kennedy. By Jack Prelutsky

Thank Goodness It’s (Poetry) Friday It’s an online literary happy hour, without the drinks. By Susan Thomsen

Dragons Pulling Wagons The Children’s Poet Laureate on Karla Kuskin’s children’s poetry. By Jack Prelutsky

Thanks to Dianne Cook for supplying this information!


Poem of the Day

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Naked Nonsense: Guundie’s Ridiculous Rhymes

The Big Release


Today will be full moon.

I feel a little jumpy,

eat candy with a spoon.

My pet is also grumpy –

the fickle armadillo.

He hums a ghastly tune

and rips my finest pillow.

I feed him a chocolate prune,

dress him in his favourite coat,

tie him to a hot balloon

and set him free to float.


Soon he’ll land, will run and roam

and I’m glad he left my home!


© Guundie Kuchling

Weekly updates

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Here are this week’s updates.



‘A meeting with Max Fatchen’ by Janeen Brian

Link at: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/articles/a-meeting-with-max-fatchen/

To view a list of all articles, click on the Articles heading.



Susan Stephenson who runs the blog site The Book Chook provides a link to her article ‘Ten Top tips to engage kids with poetry’.

Click on News or the link here for the direct link to her article: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/poetry-news/1359-2/


Poets A-Z

A new bio has been added to our growing list of talented Australian poets.

Katherine Gallagher

Link at: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/australianpoets/f-j-2/katherine-gallagher/

All listed poets can be viewed here or via the drop down menu (Poets A-Z).


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