Poem of the Day


Dog life


They hurtle off towards the beach

to yap at gulls beyond their reach,

with noses raised to catch a whiff

of new, exciting things to sniff.

Their focus locked on sea and sand,

their thoughts deliciously unplanned,

these wet and shaggy kindred souls

are jumping waves and digging holes.

If only they could teach me how

to revel in the here and now,

to halt my thoughts before they stray

to all that lurks beyond today,

the back to school, the daily slog.

If only I’d been born a dog!


© Jenny Erlanger

6 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. A lovely fun poem. There’s nothing like seeing dogs playing on the beach. Shame on Wollongong council for trying to close our dog friendly beaches! This poem should be read by all of them.

  2. Love this poem, Jenny. You really capture the essence of a breathless, fun-loving, happy dog. And the rhyme is perfect.

  3. Great poem Jenny, thanks for sharing. This reminds me of two little black and white furry things I used to take to the beach when I was a kid. Miss those guys!

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