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‘Doctor, doctor, doctor,

I feel awfully like a goat.’

The doctor said, ‘Let’s see,’

As he put on his coat.

He tapped my head and, startled,

Said, ‘Two horns are hid!

How long have they been there?’

‘Since I was a kid.’

(Illus. Doctor peering at small horns among the hair on the head.)

‘Doctor, doctor, doctor,

I feel dreadfully like a cat.’

‘Hop up on the chair

And we’ll have a little chat.’

‘I’m not allowed to climb

On table, chair or couch.’

‘I heard a “Mia-ow”, I’m sure!’

‘All I said was “Ouch!”‘

(Illus. Doctor pressing tongue down and peering at the throat.)


By Edel Wignell

© The Australian Society of Authors


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