Poem of the Day


The Giant Hat


Wacko Jack from Ballarat

Built the most enormous hat,

Made of canvas with a great big brim,

Three storeys tall with a velvet trim.


Some dogs howled, while babies cried

When they saw Jack’s hat he wore with pride,

Old ladies gulped while others grinned,

Until one day a howling wind

Saw Jack take off, up he went,

Sailing high like a flying tent,

He yelled out loud with a face so grim,

“Next time I’ll make a smaller brim.”


That same night when it was late,

A UFO spotted above Bass Straight,

But it was only Jack still holding on

To the flying hat that’d gone so wrong.


© John Williams

4 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Thank you Sally,Kaye & Tricia for your lovely comments.. I have just put up a web site
    with lots of comedy poems on called: kidscomedypoetry.com.au
    It hopefully will add to everyone’s effort to spark interest in children’s poetry in Australia.

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