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The Koala and the Crocodile


Ko-Ko Koala was a spoilt little brat.

He wouldn’t eat vegies in case he got fat.

‘Brussel sprouts and cabbage belong in the bin,

Lemonade and fudge keeps me nice and thin.’


‘Sad,’ said his friends in tones of sorrow.

‘Our little Koala will end up rather hollow.’

‘Hardly,’ snorted Ko Ko, in tones very rude,

‘Where-ever I roam I eat take-away food.’


‘Chicken and chips and hamburgers fried,

And chocolate donuts with cream inside

Taste much better for a Koala about town

Bush food is stodgy,’ he said with a frown.


His friends all got very very cross,

Bush food is filling but isn’t very posh.

Then along came a crocodile

Jaws wide open in a hungry smile.


The little Koala was suddenly left,

Nobody liked the company he kept.

Ko Ko ordered it to go far away,

But the crocodile was there to stay.


‘Bags of chips and popcorn for tea,

Plenty to eat if you dine with me.

If only you would climb down nearer,

Our friendship could be so much dearer.’


Ko Ko settled up the tree to wait,

He wouldn’t fall for such tempting bait.

The days went by, he got thin and wan,

Dreaming of take away meals long gone.


Ko Ko Koala stayed high off the ground,

Ate lots of gum leaves and grew very round.

The crocodile waited his eyes full of greed,

And renewed his invite to come and feed.


‘I’ve cheese and onion on hamburgers fried,

I promise they’ll keep you well satisfied.

There’s pineapple on pav with cream between,

And ice creams with flavours you’ve never seen.’


‘A diet of ice cream and potato chips fried,

Will give me tummy ache,’ our Ko Ko replied.

The crocodile sighed and lost his smile,

And decided to slink off home for a while.


And this is why the crocodile’s tears of grief

Are at the Koala’s love for the Eucalytus leaf.

And for take away food Ko Ko will never roam.

He finds plenty to eat in his tree top home.


© Margaret Pearce,

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