Poem of the Day


Double standards


When I sit down to dinner

There are things I mustn’t do.

There’s a list of rules to follow.

Let me give you just a few.


I’m not to gobble quickly,

every mouthful must be chewed.

I can’t talk over others

’cause to interrupt is rude.

My mouth needs to be empty

when I get a chance to talk

My dinner must be tackled

with a proper knife and fork.

And even when I’ve finished

I am forced to sit and wait

till everybody’s eaten

what was put onto their plate.

And that’s just the beginning.

I could rattle off some more…

But for little baby brother

all these rules go out the door!


He’s put into his high chair

with his plastic spoon and plate

and you’d not believe the chaos

that he’s able to create.

No sooner is he seated

than his spoon is knocked away,

the plate has been inverted

and his food has hit the tray.

He grabs the mush with fingers,

that he runs straight through his hair

and he saves a bit for missiles

that he launches from his chair.

He wriggles in his harness

as he giggles, burps and squeals.

He loves to get attention

when we’re sitting down to meals.

He downs his final mouthful

then, in keeping with the trend,

prepares the grand finale…

he explodes from either end.


My brother’s skills are many

and deserve to be admired

but his manners at the table

leave a lot to be desired!


© Jenny Erlanger


14 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. You are a very clever poet Jenny. The rhythm was maintained right throughout the poem. Not one rhyming word was forced, all natural within the context of the poem. You took a subject that we’ve all seen before and wrote about it through the eyes of a child, whom no doubt would consider it double standards. When I read your poem I thought I was standing next to a river, it just flowed and flowed and flowed. Congratulations on a superb poem Jenny.

  2. What a lovely poem Jenny – it reminds me of my grubby little sister, who could get away with anything while I was growing up. Come to think of it, not much has changed.

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