Poem of the Day



I wonder if a spider looks

upon his own leg hair

And wonders what he’d look like if

he shaved his eight legs bare

Would he walk upon a cat walk…

Hmm – a spider on a cat?

I’m not sure that the fashion world

is quite ready for that


I wonder if a platypus

would contemplate his tail

How when he swims, behind him there’s

a paddle that will trail

Would he swap it for a tail that is

more pleasing to the eye?

Or opt to go without one – ‘Frogs

don’t have one, why should I?’


I wonder if an elephant

Regrets his long grey nose

At least when it is itchy he

can scratch it with his toes

Perhaps it gives him character

And makes him feel quite bold

It must be pretty messy though

when he contracts a cold


I wonder if a porcupine

would sharpen up his quills

They must be pretty handy when

comes time for filing bills

Just pay them at the counter and

then stick them on a spike

In alphabetic order, or

date order if you like


Do you think that dolphins ever

look at us and cry

Always stuck in water while we

have both land and sky

I think that they could play guitar

or even play the drums

If they were born with hands and fingers

with opposing thumbs


I wonder if most people would

Prefer a different life

Choose to live more wild and free

less worry and less strife

As busy as a beaver or

as happy as a clam

For me I’m quite content to be

the poet that I am

Allan Cropper


3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. I like this a lot 🙂 I think children would too, they know how curious the world is even if we sometimes forget! I imagine this poem would really shine when read/performed out loud.

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