Poem of the Day


The Lighthouse

By Neridah McMullan


She stands tall,


Stoic and true.


And unwavering.

Carved basalt steps,

A salt encrusted,

Red door,

With a rusty lock.

Up curved, spiral stairs,

A French Fresnal,

Lens flashes,

Guiding ships,

Away from rocks,

And rips.

Bitter maelstrom,

Blustering galeforce.

To the Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse –

If only you knew,

You saved me

And my crew.

3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. I enjoyed the way this poem’s shape echoed that of its tall, slim subject. The images are strong and the incidental rhyme is pleasing however I think the enjambed lines would flow even more smoothly if you simply removed some of the punctuation marks e,g. the comma between ‘whitewashed’ and ‘and unwavering’ (not needed before a conjunction) and the unnecessary one between ‘rusted’ and ‘red door’.

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