Poem of the Day



by Jill McDougall


I’ve scraped the skin

From off my chin,

My arms and legs are grazed,

My elbow’s sprained,

My ankle’s maimed,

I’m feeling kind of dazed.


I’ve crunched my neck,

My knee’s a wreck,

My fingers curl like claws,

My dental work

Has gone berserk

And jammed up both my jaws.


My eyes are black,

My nose is red,

My lips are turning blue –

So tell me why

The teachers cry –



6 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. I’ve only just discovered that people leave lovely comments on the Poem of the Day so it’s been great fun hunting down my poems in the archives and reading the responses. Wahoo! Thanks so much to all who have taken the time to leave a note. I am SUCH a great fan of your poems Jenny and yours too, Bill, although I haven’t read as many. I look forward to seeing more :0)

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