Poem of the Day



                     by Kate O’Neil


I’m a biker. I’m a hiker

and I love acrylic lycra.


I’m specific that acrylic

is the lycra that I like

for especially when biking

it is greatly to my liking

to be free to frisk and frolic

when I reach somewhere idyllic

and I get down from my bike.


And lycra that’s acrylic,

when the heat is diabolic,

just wicks away the wet

so there’s never trickling sweat

to upset the mood euphoric

when I reach a place bucolic

on a long laborious hike.

… or a day-trip on my bike.


That’s why acrylic lycra’s what I like.


9 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Kate O’Neil,please untangle Anne Bell’s tongue and return it to her at once…she needs it to have fun with that poem again.

  2. Thanks Anne, – for more fun you might like this:

    A couple of days ago I gave my ‘champion-speller’ (and word-loving) student a poem by Colin West – “my auntie”. (she lives in the town mentioned in the poem.)
    It ends:

    Will I ever go to
    It’s difficult to say.

    Then I discovered this:

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