Poem of the Day


Trying Times

by Pat Simmons


Please tidy your room Tim,

I’ve asked you ten times.

Can’t it wait ‘til tomorrow

I’m solving some crimes?


I’m tired of asking,

Now do as I say.

Two seconds Mum, promise,

I’m still on e-bay.


That’s it Tim, I’ve had it,

I’m coming to look!

Give me a minute Mum

I’m on Facebook.


I’m tired of texting you,

Open this door.

Now I’m doing my homework

Mum, don’t be a bore.


I’m coming in Timmy,

I’ve had quite enough.

I’m opening the door Tim,

I’m tired of your guff.


Good grief, your room’s tidy.

And Tim, you’re not here.

No I’m texting from Tom’s place.

Ha ha mother dear!


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #2


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