Poem of the Day


Binocular Monocular

by Sally Odgers

A binocular becomes a monocular, dear

If you forget to remove

One of the covers while tossing the other

What are you trying to prove?

Being like Nelson applying the eye

To a scene that you just cannot see?

Blind eye a’turning to half of the scene

That’s what it seems to me

Red tape, policy, jargon and all

Means nothing is seen in its breadth

Binocular or monocular, dear?

Use both eyes and you’re winning on strength

So remember removing both lens caps today

Will give you binocular vision

While squinting through one (while it might be more fun)

Will send half your senses to prison.


3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Teena,

    Sorry about that blank. I can’t resend just now. Have got medical appointment but will send kookaburra this evening.


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