The Swanning Cat

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The Swanning Cat


I call him the swanning cat

Cos he swans around, in and then stares at the door

Always on the wrong side

Lost in contemplation

Lingering on the brink

He’s a ginger pain

Itching to keep me awake

Most certainly knows my bedtime

Teases me by implication

Has to go out…just for a pee

Eager to return

Swanning back in

When I yell for him

After waiting awake for far too long

Now, I ask you, is that nice?


In and out and forth and back, and mew and stare at the door

Notwithstanding whisker-wipes and such

Great. He’s a swanning


Action must be

Taken if I’m ever to get any sleep


Sally Odgers

Poem of the Day


Binocular Monocular

by Sally Odgers

A binocular becomes a monocular, dear

If you forget to remove

One of the covers while tossing the other

What are you trying to prove?

Being like Nelson applying the eye

To a scene that you just cannot see?

Blind eye a’turning to half of the scene

That’s what it seems to me

Red tape, policy, jargon and all

Means nothing is seen in its breadth

Binocular or monocular, dear?

Use both eyes and you’re winning on strength

So remember removing both lens caps today

Will give you binocular vision

While squinting through one (while it might be more fun)

Will send half your senses to prison.


Poem of the Day



by Sally Odgers


blueberry bluetongue

green grass green

sunshine sunshine

polish me

glow me

sinuous slithering


blueberry bluetongue


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #8


Sally says: Written because I almost never write free verse. I was trying to rhyme and scan throughout.


Poem of the Day



by Sally Odgers


AlPACas PACk their lunch with spoons

The OWL decides to hOWL at noon

The HORSE feels HOaRSE when he yells of course

The aARdvARK digs in the old cARpARK

The pONY hates the stONY rOAD

(Quite unlike his friend, the tOAD)

Nonsense poems make me SnOOZe

But they amuse my friends in ZOOS!