Poem of the Day


Mind your Ps and Qs

A Cautionary Tale
by Kate O’Neil


The ticket’s important.

Your favourite show

is almost sold out

but you’re dying to go.


You groan at the queue

but you can’t walk away;

there’s no other chance.

You must see it today.


Yes, you’re dying to go,

But not just to the show.

One coffee too many,

and the queue is so slow.


The choice is so cruel,

What will you do?

You have to choose now:

The queue or the loo?


It’s Nature that wins,

As Nature will do,

but you’ll know next time

that it’s ‘P’ before ‘Q’.


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #Prompt77

Kate says: This is a poem inspired by the long-treasured advice of a favourite aunty.



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