Poem of the Day


Thought Menu


An hour before breakfast

I thought of omelette piping hot

oozing sun-yellow cheese

With butter-dripping toast

And sweet cumquat marmalade —


Instead, I ate tasteless cereal

Drenched with sourish milk.


An hour before lunch

I thought of a hamburger

Succulent meat patty

And softy spongy bun

with the works —

Sweet beetroot and ripe tomato

Caramelised onion rings and crispy lettuce

Tangy sauce and juices

trickling down my fingers.


Instead I ate crackers and

A tart green apple.


An hour before dinner

I thought of succulent hot chops

Drenched with mint jelly

And French fries

golden-brown and salty.


What I ate was

Tinned spaghetti

On dry toast.


Nothing I tasted all day

Was as delicious

As my thoughts.

Dianne Bates

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6

Poetry Prompt 6

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