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Thought Menu


An hour before breakfast

I thought of omelette piping hot

oozing sun-yellow cheese

With butter-dripping toast

And sweet cumquat marmalade —


Instead, I ate tasteless cereal

Drenched with sourish milk.


An hour before lunch

I thought of a hamburger

Succulent meat patty

And softy spongy bun

with the works —

Sweet beetroot and ripe tomato

Caramelised onion rings and crispy lettuce

Tangy sauce and juices

trickling down my fingers.


Instead I ate crackers and

A tart green apple.


An hour before dinner

I thought of succulent hot chops

Drenched with mint jelly

And French fries

golden-brown and salty.


What I ate was

Tinned spaghetti

On dry toast.


Nothing I tasted all day

Was as delicious

As my thoughts.

Dianne Bates

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6

Poetry Prompt 6

Poem of the Day


Behind the scenes

by Jenny Erlanger


We cannot see or hear them,

yet we know when each arrives.

We love them, hate or fear them

as we stumble through our lives.


They fire away like crazy

somewhere deep inside our brain.

They prod us when we’re lazy,

get us back on track again.


They don’t ask for permission

from the moment that we wake

to set out on their mission

to control the moves we make.


It may not live an hour

as its life is pretty short

but there’s no denying the power

of a solitary thought.


  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6

Poetry Prompt 6

Jenny says: I have always been fascinated by the capacity of a seemingly immaterial thought to create physical or emotional responses in human beings.