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Direction Overload


I’m always being given directions.


At home:

How to behave properly

How to speak politely to my stupid sisters

Clean my room, take out the rubbish

Feed the dog

Dry the dishes

Obey the rules!


At school:

How to improve my grades

How to set out my work neatly

How to get on with girls

Obey the rules!


There are also directions

On what not to do —

Not to wear my cap indoors

Not to use cuss words

Not to talk in class or call out

Not to break or even bend

The rules!


Often I feel like getting other directions:

The way to another home

Where there are

No jobs

No stupid sisters

No rules!


And I’d like directions to a school

Where there is

No homework

No bossy teachers

No girls

And guess what?


Dianne Bates
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #18

Poetry Prompt 17

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