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Direction Overload


I’m always being given directions.


At home:

How to behave properly

How to speak politely to my stupid sisters

Clean my room, take out the rubbish

Feed the dog

Dry the dishes

Obey the rules!


At school:

How to improve my grades

How to set out my work neatly

How to get on with girls

Obey the rules!


There are also directions

On what not to do —

Not to wear my cap indoors

Not to use cuss words

Not to talk in class or call out

Not to break or even bend

The rules!


Often I feel like getting other directions:

The way to another home

Where there are

No jobs

No stupid sisters

No rules!


And I’d like directions to a school

Where there is

No homework

No bossy teachers

No girls

And guess what?


Dianne Bates
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #18

Poetry Prompt 17

Poem of the Day

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To visit the Wizard

We’re off to visit the wizard,

the wizard so wise that he knows

just what to do next

if ever you’re hexed

and the best way to clean between toes.


This wizard does not use a blizzard –

no blizzard, no twister, no snows.

No silly pretext.

No need to be vexed.

Nothing that you might suppose.


This wizard is well worth a visit.

To get there, as everyone knows,

you don’t need a text

that might leave you perplexed.

You’re fine if you follow your nose.

Kate O’Neil
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #18

Poetry Prompt 17