Poem of the Day


The Mystery Box


My lunch for school’s a mystery box and here’s the reason why:

I cannot guess just what’s inside, however hard I try.

There’s something different every day: Mum treats it as a game.

The only thing I’m sure about: no day will be the same.


If Monday’s roll has Vegemite, then Tuesday’s might have jam.

A sandwich made for Wednesday’s lunch might well be beef or ham.

On Thursday then, a salad wrap could be the big surprise,

But one school lunch on Friday something shocking met my eyes:


My mystery box was oozing with a greenish-yellow trickle!

There must have been a mix-up with Dad’s favourite: cheese and pickle!

While Dad enjoyed my peanut paste spread on his bread with honey,

My sandwich had an awful taste. Don’t laugh. It wasn’t funny!


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #32

poetry prompt #32Monty says: I didn’t like pickle at all as a child and would have been horrified to find it in my school lunch.

3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Monty my daughter has chosen this poem of yours for her year 5 school assessment since she liked it so much. She has a few questions
    1. When did you write this poem eg: year
    2. What inspired you to write this poem.

    Any other feedback on it would also be much appreciated.


    • “The Mystery Box” was finished on the 11th August, 2016. Australian Children’s Poetry supplies a prompt each Monday and the word “pickle” was a recent prompt. I thought of the time I first tasted pickles (more than sixty years ago) and decided I didn’t like them, although I don’t dislike them now. The lunch boxes I used to get from my mother were very ordinary and predictable, so nothing like the mystery box in the poem, but sometimes there might be something in there I wished was different. I would have been horrified if pickles were in my sandwiches, and I know that sometimes a child does get something they don’t want or don’t like in their lunch box, so made up the mystery box. Part of the idea for the poem came from the fact that “trickle” was a rhyme for “pickle”. I hope the assessment goes well.

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