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Clown Caper


Once a climbing clown,

Clambered up a tower,

Colander in hand,

Plus a cauliflower.

What he had in mind,

No-one seemed to know

And it wasn’t clear,

How far up he’d go.


After quite a climb

He had reached the top,

Items still in hand,

He then let them drop!

Neither looked the same,

Fallen from the tower,

Not the colander,

Nor the cauliflower!

Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #36

Poetry Prompt #36Monty says: I enjoy writing rhyming verse with a bit of humour included and sometimes short lines add to the effect. Rhyming words for ‘cauliflower’ and ‘clown’ in ‘tower’ and ‘down’ helped provide the ideas for the basic content of the poem.



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