Poem of the Day


Tegan the Vegan


Tegan the vegan

Won’t eat meat

She says fauna are friends

Not food we should eat

If it runs or blows bubbles

Brays, baas or moos

It‘s not destined for dinner

Or handbags or shoes


Tegan the vegan

Won’t eat meat

She can’t stand the idea

That her food once had feet

She munches on mushrooms

Scoffs spinach and greens

Eats vegies galore

Gobbles all the good beans


Tegan the Vegan

Won’t eat meat

She moves to the rhythm

Of her own silver beet

And while it’s not understood

By all those she holds dear

Her tummy is full

And her conscience is clear

Sioban Timmer
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #45


3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Well said Sioban! My son is a vegan, and i can understand why. My daughter is a ‘moral omnivore’ but she runs a farm and can do this. She will eat meat as long as it has had a happy upbringing and wasn’t shipped and killed in an abattoir. She can do this with her own poultry and baby male kids, and be brave enough to kill them herself. Harder to do in the city, so we are usually just common-or-garden vegetarians (with backyard chooks supplying most of our protein!).

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