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Super Swimmer


Sammy the seal loves to swim in the sea.

He eats fish for breakfast and eats fish for tea.

He doesn’t much mind all their bones and their scales,

For he swallows them whole from their heads to their tails.

Then once he is full he is ready to rest

And a rock in the sun is the spot he likes best.


When Sammy is swimming a shark may glide past.

And that’s time for Sammy to move very fast!

For Sammy is smart and has more than a hunch

That a shark thinks a seal makes a rather nice lunch!

Since sharks have sharp teeth like the points on a saw,

They’re clearly a threat that no seal can ignore.


If sometimes you find him asleep on a beach,

Make sure that you keep yourself out of his reach,

For if you should rouse him and give him a fright

He may be upset and get ready to fight.

So better by far that you give him no cause,

Since though without fists, he has very strong jaws!


Monty Edwards
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #43


Monty said: I liked the alliterative possibilities of Sammy the seal for the opening line of the poem, but soon realised why I had chosen Sammy and not Sally. Not only are there seals in the area quite close to where I live, but also an opportunity shop run by Good Samaritan Industries as “Good Sammy’s” with a seal featured in their logo!


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