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What Aesop’s tortoise might have taught us


I remember the race,

and the confident hare.

I remember the win.

But I really don’t care

for the moral that’s drawn from

that one-off affair.


The hare could have won

and if truth be told,

races are meant

for the fast and the bold.

But the rat race, the human race-

both leave me cold.


For racers don’t see

what is perfectly plain

to the slow and the steady –

all the living you gain

going at my pace

in the slow lane.


Kate O’Neil
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #5


Kate said: I initially planned to have the tortoise address the bird, but the poem had other plans. I remember as a child being annoyed by the way generalised moral pronouncements could be extracted from specific “one-off” anecdotes. This fable was a case in point. That idea took over.  Sorry bird. Maybe next time.



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