Poem of the Day


The Three Bears Retold


There once was a family named Bear

Who thought they had nothing to wear.

While eating their oats

They remembered their coats

And decided to go to the fair.


The number of Bears you would see

Was just a small family of three.

There was Mother and Dad

With a baby they had

And they lived in a house by a tree.


They went to the fair to have fun,

But their time there had hardly begun

When they each said: “I’m hot!”

For it seems they forgot

That their fur coats held heat in the sun.


“We’d better go home,” they all said.

“Let’s finish our porridge instead.”

(If only they knew

A young girl was there too,

Who was sleeping in Baby Bear’s bed!)


As soon as they opened the door,

They saw that their bowls had held more.

Some porridge not there!

One broken small chair!

But a bigger surprise was in store.


For then the whole family Bear

Were wanting to search everywhere.

When they saw Baby’s bed

Held a young girl instead

They growled: “That is really unfair!”


Their guest got straight up with a shock.

(The Bears had neglected to knock).

She ran out the door

And they saw her no more

While the Bears quickly fitted a lock!


Monty Edwards
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry prompt #1


Monty says: I decided I’d like to try to retell, in verse, a condensed and slightly embellished version of a story about a family many children would know well.

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