Poem of the Day


The Feely Bag


What’s inside the feely bag?

Please tell us what you feel.


A slimy, slippery frog perhaps,

That makes you squirm and reel.


A ragged, worn-out kitchen sponge,

That’s squelchy, smelly, wet.


Or Cody’s wriggly garden worms,

The biggest he could get.


Do bristles scrape your fingertips,

When lifting something up?


Is it a nailbrush, Stickle Brick,

Some Velcro in a cup?


It may be soft with rubber wings,

And live inside a cave.


A tingly touch might make you scared

To guess you must be brave.


Lynette Oxley


  • In response to Poetry Prompt #18


Lynette said: I wrote about preschool children who are willing to put their hands in a Feely Bag and guess what the contents might be. This activity promotes language development.






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