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Drawing A Memory


How do you doodle?

Leafy-shapes or people?

Zigzag sharp

or swirly soft.

Spirals, squares or circles?


Why do we doodle?

Feeling tense or troubled?

Trying not to

go to sleep.

Puzzled, bored or muddled?


Doodling while listening

prevents our mind from wandering.

It helps to pen

a drawing-hook.

But NOT in someone else’s book!

Celia Berrell
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #25

Celia said: What’s the point of doodling?  Well it turns out that, rather than being a distraction, it can help us focus!  So go ahead – use your super-doodle power.  (My favourites are curls and swirls.)

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