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Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion


Newton was a clever man.

An avid scientific fan.

He questioned many things he saw.

Like ones we had no answers for.


He thought them through right to their cores.

Then gave us many handy laws.


Newton’s First Law Of Motion:

Without a force of push or pull

an object will remain quite still.

With just one push at just one time

that object moves in one straight line.


Newton’s Second Law Of Motion:

A bigger Force accelerates

an object that is heavy-weight.

While objects of a smaller mass

don’t need much Force to move them fast.


So Newton noticed they obey

that Force will equal m times a.


Newton’s Third Law Of Motion:

Now bend a stick. Before it cracks

you’ll feel its force of pushing back.

For every action there will be

an equal one – opposingly.


Without his formulas in place

we’d soon get lost in outer space.

So Isaac’s Laws help us traverse

the reaches of our universe.

Celia Berrell
  • Submitted in response to Prompt #23

Celia said: Things need to move in order to travel. First published in 1687, Newton’s Three Laws of Motion were a scientific breakthrough for which he is very famous. These laws are still used today to calculate such things as the orbits of moons, planets and stars. And they’ll be very handy if you travel to Mars – a few decades from now!

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