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Silvery Riddle

I will give you a smile if you care to look up

but I won’t show my face on a dark, dark night.


I will rule over oceans as though they are slaves

but I won’t ever say if that’s wrong or right.


I will make a lake’s surface a silvery spread

but I won’t share my shine when the day is bright.


I will block out the Sun every once-in-a-while.

My Solar Eclipse is an awesome sight!

Celia Berrell


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #36

Celia said: There was a Total Solar Eclipse over part of the USA recently.  Our Moon is 400 times smaller, yet 400 times closer than the Sun.  This precise difference makes them appear the same size from Earth.  When they line up perfectly, it can take our breath away!  Imagine what a riddle this event must have posed to people centuries ago, before we really understood the movements of the stars, planets and our silvery Moon.

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