Let’s go to …. with Teacher notes



Let’s go to…



Let’s go to Toowoomba,

The two of us by bus,

Toot, toot to Toowoomba,

We won’t cause any fuss.



Let’s all go to Weewaa,

We’ll ride there on a horse,

Whee-hee-hee to Weewaa,

I’ll bring tomato sauce.



Let’s all go to Bairnsdale,

Upon a fleecy sheep,

Baaaaaaa to Bairnsdale,

But please don’t fall asleep.



Let’s all go to Hawthorn,

We’ll ride a donkey there,

Hee-haw-haw to Hawthorn,

Without a single care.


                                                James Aitchison



Teachers’ notes: A fun poem for classroom participation


Themes: Learning the rules of rhymes and how to scan syllables

Also, have fun learning about Australian towns and suburbs


Classroom: Invite students to add more verses to the poem

Begin by choosing amusing town names

Then work together to suggest rhymes and verses



3 thoughts on “Let’s go to …. with Teacher notes

  1. Terrific! And there are so many wacky Australian place names to have fun with:
    Howlong (NSW)
    1770 (Qld)
    Nowhere Else (Tas)
    Boing Boing (NT)
    Humpybong (Qld)
    Come by Chance (NSW)
    Innaloo (WA)
    Loos (SA)
    Poowong (Vic)
    Wonglepong (Qld)
    Goodnight (NSW)

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