When Nobody is Watching

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When Nobody is Watching


There’s lots of things that you can do

when nobody is watching you.


Play with your food then wipe your hands

all down your front and on your pants.


Or pick your nose, or sniff with glee.

There’s no-one there to see you – see?


Scratch your penknife on the chair

and carve your own initials there.


Pull a thread-long from your clothes

then tie it round your tongue and nose.


Doodle where you shouldn’t scrawl

or stick your gum against the wall.


Bite your nails or suck your thumb …

but look-out for a Peeping Tom!

by Celia Berrell


N is for Nosey.  Nosey people seem to show up just at the wrong time and catch me doing something I shouldn’t.  Mums are exceptionally good at knowing when we are being naughty.  Do you ever get caught out?

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