Christmas on Mulligans’ Farm

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Christmas on Mulligans’ Farm.

At a quarter to seven on Christmas morning,

The farmyard choir commenced performing.

The hens lead-in – Bok bok begin.

Then bar by bar the sheep joined in.

A donkey brayed, some horses neighed,

The cows crooned moo, an egg was laid!

Then Tom the cat and Mrs. Mittens,

Meowed and purred with their three kittens.


Ensuing this; a quiet rest,

A morning banquet; the very best!

A cup of tea; a fruit mince pie,

Good hay and grain to feed the choir.


The singers resumed; fine-tuning their voices;

For Handel’s Messiah; what fine Christmas choices!

The lead dog howled Bach, and the others joined in;

A Christmas Oratorio fit for a king!

The audience cheered, the dog took a bow,

So too the others, and finally the cow.


Then onto the stage- the pièce de résistance;

The turkey arrived; a special appearance.

She sang with such joy; her small repertoire;

Each Christmas her singing gets better by far.


And so – this is Christmas on Mulligans’ farm.

And the gift is quite simple and has so much charm.

This story’s a gift and the wish is for you;

For peace and for hope the whole year through.


By Louise McCarthy.



















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