“The Farmyard” by Louise McCarthy

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Harriet Heaven-Sent of Eastern Australia,

Packed her bags with her paraphernalia.

She waved farewell as she boarded the bus,

While friends and relatives made quite a fuss.


She had made them proud. It was such a surprise,

The day that Harriet won the grand prize.

Harriet Heaven-Sent, a writer of stanza,

An artist, a wordsmith had won the bonanza!


Harriet Heaven-Sent had written a ode.

She’d won a year’s residency at “The Farmyard.”

The retreat that inspires the most beautiful writing,

A remote island paradise – so rare; so exciting…


And after a year of running the farm,

Where each dawn the rooster crowed with alarm,

And the sheep followed close and the goats liked to munch,

On Harriet’s washing, for dinner and lunch.


Where the donkey would bray when Harriet wrote,

He-haw! Hee-haw! Not a melodic note.

And as for the harmony, the horses and cows –

Succeeded in raising Harriet’s brows.


Well the list did go on, but there was no escape,

As a burly great bull was parked at the gate!

So Harriet Heaven-Sent stayed for the year.

After which time she changed her career.


Yes, Harriet Heaven-Sent – was returned to her home,

She was air-lifted out – the writer of poems.

And to the dismay of all whom she knew,

Became a farmer! – Yes this is true.


So each year a chopper drops in a bard

A writer of stanza, to work“The Farmyard.”

And no one knows why but each year’s the same,

The bard returns home with a whole different aim.












“ Boo-book Week” by Louise McCarthy

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Boo-book Week


“Boo-book week!” hooted the boobook owl,

Last night from half past two.

“Boo-book, boo-book, boo-book week.”

It hooted as it flew.

And on and on until the dawn,

When suddenly it quit.

Then “Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do!” the rooster crowed a bit.

Followed by, “Bok bawk! Bok bawk!

Bok bawk, bok bawk, bok BOOK week!

The hens clucked on, they did not cease –

All day, bok bawk, bok BOOK week!


So that is how I know,

That this week is boo-book week.

Or as the hens prefer to say –

Bok bawk, bok bawk, bok BOOK week

“Moon Theory” by Louise McCarthy

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Moon Theory


Before I’d heard,

Before I knew,

That the moon was far away –

Too far to get to in one day,

“Impossible!” I heard you say –

I had thought,

Before I knew –

(I was ready to explore)

That I would fetch a piece of moon,

And keep it to adore.

You see I’d noticed, very often,

Or at least I’d understood,

Others must have done the same,

And so I thought I could –

Piece by piece they’d take it down,

Then build it up again,

Then take it down and build it up –

Again and again and again.



“It’s Bear School” by Louise McCarthy

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There’s a bear in there!

Who should I tell?

There are people inside,

I try to yell.

It’s a grizzly bear!

Please take care!

It will chase you,

It will chase you.


But don’t despair,

There’s a window – square,

There’s a round and an arch,

Hurry, hurry; quick march

Which shape do you pick?

Tick-tock, tock-tick.

Be fast; not slow.

Be fast; not slow.


Now the people have fled,

But the story’s unread.

With a book in his paws,

The grizzly bear roars

It’s time for a tale.

Sit, listen, don’t wail.

It’s bear school!

It’s bear school!

“Make Your Own Circus” by Louise McCarthy


Make Your Own Circus


For sale! A bargain! A circus tent!

You’ll find that it’s really money well spent.

It has an arena and one thousand chairs,

The overall floor space is fifty-one squares.

It’s as high as it’s wide,

But now empty inside…

You see…

I was a ringmaster,

I was a clown,

I walked the tightrope,

I swung upside down,

While riding a unicycle I juggled ten balls;

It was fun!

It was life!  Oh I had a ball!

The ups and the downs; the highs and the lows,

But now it is time- I take my repose.

I start a fresh role; a chapter that’s new-

I recall my experiences and tell them to you.

So what do you say – a bargain or no?

I bought this canvas a long time ago.

So if you are keen this tent is for you –

Sometimes there’ll be cheers; sometimes there’ll be boos.


“In a Distant Land” by Louise McCarthy


In a Distant Land.


With a new born baby in her arms,

In a distant land men took up arms,

The mother sang a lullaby,

In a distant land a soldier cried,

In its mother’s arms the baby snuggled,

In a distant land the soldier struggled,

But his fight was lost –

And the soldier:




Deprived of life, slumped by his gun.


“Easter” by Louise McCarthy

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I cross the road to Molly’s farm.

There is a sign nailed to a post:

Eggs for sale.

I buy a dozen.

I hear a rooster crow.

On the way home I trip and fall.

One egg is cracked and broken,

The others are saved.

On Sunday we celebrate Easter;

Soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

I see the Easter bunny has visited too!

Dark chocolate is my passion.

Life is good.