Spotlight on Louise McCarthy

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About Louise:

“It is wonderful to have a creative writing assignment to look forward to every week. I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry in my spare time. I find inspiration in every day. But it is the weekly poetry prompt that motivates me to write one poem weekly”

Louise McCarthy. 


Counting Sheep

In the wee small hours I awoke from my dreams,

The bleating of sheep was the reason it seems,

They were outside my window making a racket,

So I rolled out of bed and put on my jacket.


I spoke to the flock assembled outside.

I said “Look I’m really most dreadfully tired.”

But they still remained bothered – so I counted each ewe,

Plus the rams and the lambs – one hundred and two.


“I see what you mean.”  I remarked to the flock.

“One lamb is missing.” – I glanced at the clock.

“It is well after midnight – it should be in bed.”

So for hours I looked. Then I looked in the shed.


And there on a sofa all cosy and snug,

Lay the little lost lamb under a rug,

Just where I’d left it twelve hours ago –

I’d spun it a yarn about sheep in the meadow.


‘Flying weather’ by Louise McCarthy

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Flying weather

Mum, Dad and I examined the day- 

Wintery, wild and windy,

A flurry of snow,

Oh how the wind blows,

And there goes Mrs. McGivney.

For someone who doesn’t like flying that much,

She should leave her brolly at home.

A flurry of snow,

 Oh how the wind blows,

Wintery, wild and windy.

By Louise McCarthy


‘My Name is Amity’ by Louise McCarthy


I am from the universe –

Beneath the stars, the sun, the moon.

I feel the rain,

I feel the wind,

I see the fields,

I see the mountains,

I hear the river,

I hear the ocean.

I touch the land where I was born.

I touch the wave upon its shore.

I sail away…

I hope,

I dream,

I wish…

I am playing stepping stones.

I am from the planet earth.

Are you from this planet too?

By Louise McCarthy.


“I am a Princess” by Louise McCarthy

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I know I didn’t mention it before,

But, I needed to be certain,

That you would be my friend,

If I were not a royal.


I normally don’t wear,

For I hate when people glare,

My tiara or my fancy dress;

I like to play and make a mess.


I never curtsy; goodness me!

I never make a royal decree.

I like to be with common folk.

Excuse me but did you just croak?


You see I am a princess

And I notice you’re a frog.

Perhaps if I just kiss you once,

You’ll hop off that old log.


You’ll become a prince – that’s fair.

You and I will be a pair.

And when we’re old enough to marry,

We’ll still pretend we’re ordinary.

By Louise McCarthy

Scrambled Eggs

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Scrambled Eggs!

Young Daniel put his dad’s boots on,

Rather than his own.

His own boots – they were fine,

But his dad’s boots stood alone.

They were spacious – very roomy,

The same length as his legs.

And what was more he found

That there was room to put the eggs!

By Louise McCarthy

Happy Autumn Mother’s Day

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Autumn Fun.

Gradually the seasons change.

It is now autumn.

We may not choose to keep summer a little longer,

Nor stop winter from bringing its chill.

So now as our land turns away from the sun,

We suddenly remember that autumn is fun!

Hurry and harvest.

Preserve all your crops.

Natter and Knit more jumpers and socks.

Crochet a poncho, a knee rug or two.

Don’t forget firewood and clean out the flue.

Gather together, come one and all.

We’ll do all this work while the autumn leaves fall.

And then in the winter our rest – we’ll have earned.

Glad that the autumn is each year returned.

By Louise McCarthy