“Easter” by Louise McCarthy

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I cross the road to Molly’s farm.

There is a sign nailed to a post:

Eggs for sale.

I buy a dozen.

I hear a rooster crow.

On the way home I trip and fall.

One egg is cracked and broken,

The others are saved.

On Sunday we celebrate Easter;

Soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

I see the Easter bunny has visited too!

Dark chocolate is my passion.

Life is good.

“After Easter Bunny Left” By Louise McCarthy


After Easter Bunny Left.



Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Leave your shoes, don’t worry,

Forget your jackets and your hats,

It’s time to go; let’s scurry!


So in the ceiling of the house,

Little mice and Mrs. Mouse,

Just after Easter Bunny left,

Embarked upon their plan of theft.


They scaled down walls – through gaps and cracks;

Avoiding funny, springy traps.

The moon sent light through window panes,

Assisting mice with their campaigns.


And then at last a glint, a gleam,

“We’ve found it, yay!” squeaked one mouse team;

It’s brilliant, bright, it’s so astounding…

Their little hearts were really pounding.


An Easter egg – wrapped in thin tin,

The mice created such a din.

But Mrs. Mouse said “Shh – quiet, hush,

We’ve got to hurry, we have to rush.”


And so with care the mice did toil;

Unwrapped the egg and left the foil;

For children love the foil the best

And mice prefer to eat the rest.










“Imagine it might happen” by Louise McCarthy


When I grow up I’m going to be an astronaut – it’s true!

I’ll visit all the planets – perhaps you could come too.

We’ll zip around the galaxy and catch a sparkling star.

We’ll send our families postcards to show them where we are.

I drew some plans the other day; I’ve begun to build our spaceship.

Would you like to help me finish it so it’s ready for our space trip?

‘‘Twas the night before Christmas” by Louise McCarthy


Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the town,

Not a motel was vacant,

Not a place to lie down.


A couple whose baby was just about due,

Stood at the end of a very long queue.

A wise man suggested to ask at “the stables”,

“It’s an airbnb – the owner is Mabel.


“Why thank you! “Said Joseph – the father to be,

His wife who was Mary said “Let’s get the key!”

But the guests who were staying were mooing and braying.

Joseph exclaimed “This needs some explaining”.


Mary looked up to the heavens above,

An angel appeared and said “Hark darling love,

It’s an Airbnb: no windows, no door,

Though it does have a charm that you just can’t ignore.”


So Mary and Joseph decided to stay…


A baby arrived the very next night.

And above the stable a star shone so bright,

A single star rating – for this cosy dwelling ,

The start a story so very compelling.