Wollemia Nobilis – A Native Aussie Pine (and magical Christmas tree!) By Louise McCarthy

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One night a magic happening – our Christmas tree grew tall.

It was a tiny sapling – we’d sat nearby the hall.

The Wollemia NoblisA native Aussie pine.

The miracle of Christmas – a tree that I could climb!


Ignoring the traditions, I quietly jumped with glee.

I left my parents sleeping and shimmied up that tree.

Through the hallway ceiling, past the chimney top.

Distant church bells pealing – my watch showed 6 o’clock.


Sparkly decorations: silver, red and gold.

Angels sang ‘The First Noel’ – the start of Christmas told.

This Christmas tree so magical – had brought me to the morn,

It brought me to year, the day – when Jesus was just born.


I touched the Christmas tree star, now above the cloud.

I noticed, as I looked around – a stable and a crowd.

So there I was a visitor, upon this special day,

And the only gift I had – was a drum on which to play.


So while others danced and sang, I quietly played my drum.

In ore I watched this holy scene – then I heard my Dad and Mum.

They were climbing up the tree, exclaiming with delight –

“After all these years our native pine has finally done alright.”

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