“Christmas Questions” by Toni Newell

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Most of the Santas I have seen,

Have been rather round,

Long white beard and moustache,

Peaked hat pointing to the ground.


But then it got me wondering,

How down a sooty chimney does he fit?

And when climbing out the other end.

Wouldn’t his clothes be covered in it?


Wouldn’t the soot leave a trail behind?

Which everyone could see,

Proving that Santa Claus had been,

And returned back via the chimney.


I wondered where the reindeers parked,

Whilst waiting for Santa’s return,

Was it outside the house he was visiting?

About Santa, there was a lot to learn.


So many questions come to mind,

But in the end, does it matter?

Because Christmas is about family,

Love, sharing and being together.

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