“Change at Christmas” by Monty Edwards

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When Christmas goes commercial,
We really lose the plot
And make this special season
Some thing which it is not.
We lose the grateful wonder
At Jesus’ humble birth,
Which brought the God of heaven
To join us here on earth.
When Christmas goes inclusive,
We lose a thing unique:
“God with us” in our trials
And gifting joy and peace.
To all who bid him welcome
And let his Sprit in,
He offers full forgiveness
For failure, fault and sin.
When Christmas is discarded
It’s hope we throw away,
For hope in humans only,
Frustrates us every day.
We need a God who’s with us
And will be to the end.
He came to us in Jesus,
As Saviour, Lord and Friend.
  • Monty Edwards

One thought on ““Change at Christmas” by Monty Edwards

  1. I am not by any means religious, more of an atheist . Having said that I do agree with your sentiments entirely. We have lost the plot and that applies to many other occasions and situations. Well done, cheers, Toni

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