“After Easter Bunny Left” By Louise McCarthy


After Easter Bunny Left.



Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Leave your shoes, don’t worry,

Forget your jackets and your hats,

It’s time to go; let’s scurry!


So in the ceiling of the house,

Little mice and Mrs. Mouse,

Just after Easter Bunny left,

Embarked upon their plan of theft.


They scaled down walls – through gaps and cracks;

Avoiding funny, springy traps.

The moon sent light through window panes,

Assisting mice with their campaigns.


And then at last a glint, a gleam,

“We’ve found it, yay!” squeaked one mouse team;

It’s brilliant, bright, it’s so astounding…

Their little hearts were really pounding.


An Easter egg – wrapped in thin tin,

The mice created such a din.

But Mrs. Mouse said “Shh – quiet, hush,

We’ve got to hurry, we have to rush.”


And so with care the mice did toil;

Unwrapped the egg and left the foil;

For children love the foil the best

And mice prefer to eat the rest.










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