Kookaburra Questions

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Kookaburra Questions


Are kookaburras having fun

By laughing long at everyone?

If so, I must have missed the joke,

But then, I’m not like clever folk.

The kookaburra laughs, it’s true,

But is it ‘cause they’re seeing you?

Although they laugh and make a noise.

The same is true of many boys!


So could his be a nervous laugh,

As strangers come along the path

That brings them underneath his tree

To point at him continually?

If people did the same to you

I’m sure you’d soon be nervous too

And should they seem to want to stay,

You’d flap your wings and fly away!


But out of reach and safe up there,

A kookaburra may not care,

He’ll watch us light a barbecue

And spot the steaks we’re cooking too.

For if a cook once leaves their task,

The kooka will not wait to ask,

But swiftly swoop to snatch some meat

And take it high above to eat!


I’ve learnt his laugh is just to say

To other birds: “You stay away.

Don’t trespass in my territory:

This tree I’ve chosen’s just for me!

So do not poke your beak in here:

My laugh has made that very clear,

But if you really want to share,

We birds can share air anywhere!


– Monty Edwards



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