Don’t Hug an Echidna

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Don’t Hug an Echidna

I kid ya not, Echidnas be
more strange than even you or me.
She digs a den and makes a nest
then lays an egg – like bird, not beast.

Now if you see her in the bush
don’t pick her up in loving rush.
As much as she might like a hug
to try it – well – you’d be a mug!

It’s not her teeth, her mouth’s too small.
Her snout is long, and so’s her tongue.
It’s not her claws, but DO take care.
They’re very big and like to dig.

It’s not the fur upon her belly
or beady eyes that look so merry.
It’s just her coat can never tickle.
It’s made of spikes that jab and prickle.

She’s very shy and curls up tight
whenever there’s a threat or fright.
And hidden in nest’s leafy muddle,
a hatching pudgy baby puggle.

by Celia Berrell

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