Monday-Lying in Bed

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Monday – Lying in Bed


Monday’s here already

I just can’t get out of bed

The sun’s already shining

The dog’s waiting to be fed

I know I should get going

But I stretch and roll instead

As I think of the goal I scored

And what my teammates said

The aches and pains I feel

From the big bruise on my head

Are definitely worth it all –

I’ve got pre-season street cred!

Elizabeth Cummings


Elizabeth is Sydney based writer and long-time soccer mum! With her youngest child now studying overseas she is missing all the those preseason matches and the excitement of the build up to the start of the soccer season. There’s nothing like supporting your kids’ sports from the sidelines and Elizabeth sends her congratulations to all those parents of the Australian Commonwealth team who must be feeling so proud and delighted with their children’s results. Enjoy the glow of success!

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