“Yesterday” by Di Bates



I was a golden dragon

The kiss of grasses brushed my ankles

And then I rose into the sky 

Where I cavorted at first

Then drifted 

brushing the clouds,

a wondrous lilting shape that those below 

beheld with awe.


Golden and crimson I lapped the world

like a god commanding


and everyone

all things revolved around me

I owned the day

Shattered it with my beauty

And my gigantic roar.



yesterday was a dream

and now I am but a mere child

my mother standing over me

with her many demands

I must obey.

Dianne Bates

5 thoughts on ““Yesterday” by Di Bates

  1. Very evocative. I like the way you create the sense of freedom and delight in the first two sections before pulling it down in the last section with its bare opening:
    yesterday… so clever to have these two words so close when you’re showing how different they are/were.

  2. So true. Poignant memories of my own childhood. I wonder if those in aged care feel the same to shed those bodies, that place and fly!!!

    Carpe Diem Robyn

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