‘Anticipation’ by Alix Phelan

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Know you’re inside.


the floorboards creak,

and the chair ping.


you’re treading quietly


you’ll open door – to me,

‘specially to me,

if I don’t

make fuss.

Won’t make fuss. Won’t.

Nnnnyeup. Come on, come on

Waiting. Can’t you tell?

Open door. Open.

Won’t rush in,

Want you out. Out!

Don’t I?

Heard word

The word – w-a-l-k, Walk!

Can’t trick me.

Know we’re going,


Yeeeing. Not soon enough!

Steps louder

You’re at door, at it.

Open. Open now!

Before wag tail off,

before get dizzy, turning, turning.

Oh, gruff, wruff, nnnyeupp!

Oh, yes, yes, door opening.


And… we’re off. To park

To bark and run,

And have some fun.



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