‘Revolutionary Evolution’ by Celia Berrell

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Revolutionary Evolution 


In eighteen hundred and thirty one

when Charles was only twenty-two

he sailed upon the Beagle’s run

to chart the lands and ocean blue.


Collecting samples on the way

of creatures, plants and fossils found

he drew and wrote his notes each day

of all the life-forms that abound.


This five-year trek to foreign lands

made Darwin sick, which wasn’t good.

But dedication, task in hand,

he always did the best he could.


Returning home, he thought a lot

and started to experiment

to test his theories, note and jot

what everything he learnt had meant.


His famous book was published in

the year of eighteen fifty nine.

The Bishop said it was a sin

and contravened the Church’s line.


“On The Origin of Species”

was published, eighteen fifty nine.

This work on Evolution still

amazes us as most sublime

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