“Monster Veggies” With Teacher Notes by JR Poulter


Veggie Monster – teacher notes –

Activity – Class debate on “Advertising and Prime Time TV, Their Role in Demonising Vegetables” 

Activity – Make up an advertising campaign to popularise vegetables. Research TV advertisements and  prime time TV shows to see what sort of food is promoted and how. I can think of one popular TV soapie, which has its cast eating pizza and drinking beer in most episodes. What does this say to young viewers. 

Note what sort of advertisements come on between 4.00pm and 8.00pm, the time many children, families and young folk would be watching TV. How might you use your campaign to change this?

Activity – Make up recipes with vegetables as the main ingredients – they must be delicious enough that YOU would want to eat them! If there are any vegetarians in the class, ask them to be a consultative panel and to judge the result of the class cooking attempts to make veggies into taste tempting foods! 

3 thoughts on ““Monster Veggies” With Teacher Notes by JR Poulter

  1. Lovely Jennifer – and the teacher notes are really good. What an exercise for them to do – they’d learn such a lot. May not make them eat their veggies though. Raw crispy carrots are a good way in. My mum used to say ‘you never liked vegetables when you were a kid, and now you’re a vegetarian!’ To tell you the truth i don’t like them much now either, but make it up with fruit! Sitting here panicking about sunday – a short and inspirational talk on the value of poetry is what i need!

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