A RHUPUNT FOR SPRING with Teacher Notes by James Aitchison

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Spring’s colour thrills

when daffodils

and bold jonquils

burst into bloom.


Tulips tower,

freesias flower,

colours shower,

banishing gloom.


All spring we’re blessed;

bulbs give their best,

’til time to rest

in a dark room.


James Aitchison


Teacher Notes: How about trying this with your students?



A rhupunt (pronounced hree’-pintis a Welsh poem with some curious rules:

  1. Each line must have four syllables
  2. The first three lines of each stanza must rhyme
  3. The final line of each stanza must rhyme with the final lines of the other stanzas (in other words: aaab, cccb, dddb, eeeb, etc)
  4. Each stanza works as a complete sentence or verse in itself.
  5. If you prefer, stanzas can have three lines (aab, ccb, etc) — or five lines (aaaab, ccccb, etc) — it’s up to you.

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