“Bash and Flash” by Celia Berrell

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Bash and Flash

I’ve got a see-through bouncy ball

with little lights inside its core.

So when I bounce it on the ground

those lights all flash and spin around.


I think it’s got a battery

to give those lights some energy.

Then when it’s hit, it’s like a switch

that turns those lights on in a twitch.


They don’t stay on for very long

but every bounce will switch them on.

Unless the battery goes flat …

but my ball hasn’t got to that.


I want to see my ball in flight

and watch those pretty flashing lights

so bounce it hard, with all my might

upon the concrete drive at night.


My energy from that strong throw

means, at the point I let it go,

it’s got kinetic energy

that’s greater than just gravity.


And when my ball has hit the ground

some energy converts to sound.

Like rapping once upon a drum

it makes a bang and short soft hum.


I watched those lights flash as it zoomed

towards the starry sky and moon.

So do you think I set it free

to fly off for eternity?


Or will it soon return to me

attracted by Earth’s gravity?

The lights stopped flashing. All was black.

I didn’t see it coming back …


Until it hit me on the chin

then all those lights went flash and spin.

But while I held my jaw in pain

those pesky lights went out again!


I couldn’t find my flash new ball.

It must have travelled on a roll.

I’ll have to wait until it’s day

to find it so that we can play.

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