“Balls Galore!” by Monty Edwards


Balls Galore!

It all began  when we were small:

(Perhaps the time we first could crawl);

We learnt to chase a rolling ball!


We picked the ball up with our hand;

We dropped it and would watch it land.

It bounced on floors, but plopped on sand.


In time, we knew most balls were round,

Though even egg-shaped balls we found:

You’d see them at a football ground.


Then see more balls in other sport:

Bowled or pitched; hit, thrown and caught;

Struck with strength and aimed with thought.


Kickers kick them seeking goals;

Golfers putt them into holes:

Different balls for different roles!


Sizes, shapes and colours many,

Balls that cost a pretty penny,

Pity those who haven’t any!


Anyone with friend and ball,

Whether it be large or small,

Never should be bored at all.

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