“Obligation of the Octopus” by Dr June Perkins


Obligation of the Octopus


Arms with minds of their own.

A body that can morph through



Three hearts beating

boom, boom, boom

to the call of the



Like escapologists

obligated when opportunity

presents itself

to freedom

beyond the tank.


Blue blood

beating, beating, beating.


Octopus of song.

Octopus of story.

Octopus of science.


By June Perkins

Key West Octopus



6 thoughts on ““Obligation of the Octopus” by Dr June Perkins

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  2. Thanks so much Virginia and Nadine and so lovely to hear from you both. Kristin thanks also. Yes, I enjoyed researching for this one and slipping that fact in, and then finding a structure for the poem from the nature of the hearts. All the best for your writing.

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